Ascension Crystal Healing?

Why crystal healing?

For the last 10 years Crystals have played a big part of my daily life. On many occasions I have bought a Crystal from a shop or picked one up in the house not fully remembering all of its healing properties. Then after reading up on it, only to find out that its actually related to an ailment, emotion or situation I’m working on or have decided to work on prior to coming into contact with the crystal.
Crystals have supported and aided me through many things in life like… anxiety, sleep, weight loss, self-love and empowerment, calmness, stillness, noisy neighbours, grounding, wealth and abundance, luck, confidence, women’s problems, shielding against electromagnetic frequencies and enhancing my meditations and practices etc.
I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for the guidance and protection from my crystals. There hasn’t been a day gone by where I haven’t carried or had my crystals around me. 

Why now?

Along with my own crystal healings constantly aiding the change, I’ve been fortunate to have been given a lifetime worth of tried and tested wisdom, knowledge and practices that has brought me to a place where I never thought was possible to reach. 
My own experiences of shifting from the darkness to the light has given me the tools and training to see everything from an observational view point instead of reacting and throwing all my emotions into the mix and actually learning to except the dark times, as I know I’m going to evolve from it. Seeing the positive side of negative situations, instead of deeming them to be bad and polarising everything. Fear is a doorway to get excited about because you can actually learn something new, maybe a blind spot within yourself. 
We all use many masks and guises to cover emotion, hurt, low self-worth, fear, lack, feeling inadequate, trying to gain recognition or impress others, pride, putting on a brave face and hiding feelings, trying to pat down anger instead of feeling and allowing the emotion to flow through you. The real work comes from having the courage and being totally honest with yourself, owning your own stuff instead of pointing the finger. To be able to manifest your own reality to exactly how you want it, not what society has distorted and created. Letting go of obligation, attachment, expectation and judgement is total freedom from fear and restrictions of everyday life. If you reflect in this way you will meet your demons and overcome them. This is when a human can really transcend all limitations and become truly empowered, the superhuman being we were all meant to be. 
I’ve found that being the change you wish to see in the world instead focusing on what others are doing is the best thing you can do for yourself, people around you and the planet because it actually shifts you into a higher vibration where you get a better version of that person or scenario instead of the situation that you’re complaining about. 
I allow myself to become a conduit and connect to the great universal energy whilst using crystals to aid the healing . Techniques to reprogram the mind are also used to help the individual become truly self-empowered, de-construct old patterns, karma, memory. Which allows them to work alongside the ego mind to create a better human experience. Crystals don’t only help heal your body and mind, they can assist you in connecting to the higher dimensions of life where elevated beings reside, waiting to assist you on your own path to enlightenment.
I feel so honoured and excited about sharing this information and I am looking forward to connecting with you all.