Ascension Crystal Healing

Greetings Earth Companions,

my name is Angeline

I am a certified Crystal Healer who uses ancient techniques and methods to deconstruct the Ego Mind.

It all started from the day I was born really. My Brother and I were raised in a spiritual environment. Conversations about ET’S and the afterlife were the norm. We were also taught to treat ourselves holistically with herbs and vitamins.

Egypt - Giza Pyramid - Universal Stargate 4
At the age of 12, my secondary school were administering the BCG Vaccine and against my Mums advice I went for the stamp test prior to the vaccine only to find out to my and the Doctors amazement that I didn’t need the vaccine as I had natural immunity. So from that day going forward – Holistic health became a big part of my life.
At the age of 21 – I experienced panic attacks and anxiety. My Mum introduced me to yoga which kind of helped but only masked the problem, even though I was a relatively healthy vegetarian who lived on organic produce and herbs. I then went through a breakdown of my mind and body at the ages of 23 and 26 which forced me to re-assess my diet and lifestyle. At this point I fully immersed myself into meditation accompanied with a dairy, sugar and wheat free diet.
Aged 27 I began to read and practice The Secret By Rhona Byrne. The law of attraction and manifestation where you learn that your THOUGHTS can directly change your life!  


WOW!  We create our own reality!!!!  After reading Louise L Hay books such as – Heal Your Body A-Z – I saw that there is a way out of this trap and that it can all be reversed just by loving one’s self, forgiving others and letting go of anger and fear. 
At the age of 32 (2012 – The big Awakening) I paid a visit to my Mum’s and picked up a Tiger Eye Crystal and that’s when I began to work with the Crystals and my spiritual life and work really began to take hold.
Egypt - Giza Pyramid - Universal Stargate 4
Picture of my Mum, the second person along from the left - next to Dolores
From that point on I trained myself on the DNA Template, Higher Identity Integration, Matter Density Levels, Carbon & Silica Based Biology and the Science of Ascension and Activation. This information was sourced from Ashayana Deane and her Keylontic Science work.
My Mum had the privilege of training with Dolores and Julia Cannon (Daughter of Dolores) in Faringdon back in 2012 in the QHHT technique.This led me to explore Dolores’s QHHT past life regression therapy work, Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth 3D to 5D Shift information. 
Picture of my Mum, the second person along from the left - next to Dolores
Sphinx - Cairo - Paw Inner Earth Portal
I went to India and spent time with Guru Shruti Prakash where he taught me techniques to calm the body and the mind.
2018 – 2021
I completed Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Course where I was initiated in Shambhavi Mahamudra. I also continued to do other daily practices of Kriya’s and the AUM.
Robert Monroe
(The Monroe Institute)
Gateway Experience Course
I completed a self-guided course which takes you from the physical waking state, through deep relaxation and ultimately into unexplored dimensions of your consciousness – where you discover how to perceive and control your non-physical energy, out of body experience work.

2022 Tour of Egypt with the Energy “Kryon” Channelled by Lee Carroll
It was both a joy and an honour to attend and be part of the last Kryon Grand Egypt Tour. There were so many extraordinary things about this journey. We meditated at a multitude of sacred temples, pyramids, monumental edifices – experiencing profound energies, especially in the Kings Chamber in The Great Pyramid and the large Quartz Crystal at Abu Ghurab. The trip was truly magical from start to finish. Since my return, appreciation for all life and its forms has deepened profoundly.
Sphinx - Cairo - Paw Inner Earth Portal

My Travels

From the year 2012 to present day – my travels have taken me to sacred sites, stargates, portals and Gurus from India to Mexico, Stonehenge and Egypt where my body mind and soul have been recalibrated and upgraded. A full-on deep and profound shift of awareness has been felt upon return from such places.